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Welcome to the Industrial Alchemy web store. We sell an ever-changing variety of vintage electronic components, including LEDs, microprocessors and industrial vacuum tubes. We also design and manufacture custom electronic instruments for research and hobby purposes. Check out our newest arrivals Here.

Solid State Electronics  

LED Emmitters (Hermetic and epoxy devices)
LED Displays (Alphanumeric and numeric devices)
Integrated Circuits (Ceramic and gold collectible ICs)
Discrete Semiconductors (Transistors, diodes, optical semiconductors)
Miscellaneous Components (Various unusual items)

Vacuum Devices  

Display Tubes (Nixie, VFD, Numitrons, and other vaccum displays)
Minitron and Incandescent Displays (Flat packed filament and light pipe devices)
Other Tubes (Counters, Photomultipliers, and other industrial vaccum devices)

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