Technology Museum

Welcome to the Industrial Alchemy Technology Museum. Components and instruments are grouped by device type and datasheets are provided when available.

Vacuum & Gas-Filled Components  

Geissler & Gas Discharge Tubes (Crookes tubes, Geissler tubes, flash tubes, laser tubes, specialized light sources)
Nixie & Gas Discharge Displays (Nixie, Pixie, Panaplex, Inditron, Numicator)
Dekatron Glow Transfer Counting Tubes (Dekatron, Nomotron, Polyatron)
Incandescent Displays (Mosaic indicators, light pipe, projection, sphericular and other incandescent character displays)
Filament Displays (Numitron, Minitron, Pinlite)
Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD, Digivac)
Variable Indicator and Magic Eye Tubes (Tuneon, tuning eyes, Tune A Lite, tuning indicators)
High Frequency Tubes (Magnetrons, Klystrons, UHF diodes, etc.)
Detection & Imaging Tubes (Vidicon, Orthicon, phototubes, photomultipliers)
Cathode Ray Tubes (NIMO, Radechon, image converters, cathode ray tubes, Jumbotron and flood beam types)
Spark Gap Tubes, Trigger Tubes & Passives (Trigatron, spark gap and triggered gap tubes, TR cells, vacuum capacitors, grid leaks)
Diodes, Triodes, Tetrodes & Pentodes (Thyratron, Nuvistor, Tungar bulb, rectifiers, computer, high frequency and other industrial types)

Solid State Components  

LEDs & Solid State Indicators (LED emitters, LED dies, laboratory light sources)
Solid State & LED Displays (LED and LCD character displays, intelligent displays)
Transistors and Diodes (semiconductor diodes, transistors, photodiodes, point contact devices)
Monolithic Integrated Circuits (microprocessors, microcontrollers, logic circuits, RAM, ROM, PROM, EPROM)


Display & Counting Circuits (Nixie, LED and other display implementations)
Clocks and Timers (military and industrial time measurement equipment, including mechanical types)
Electronic Test Equipment (meters, oscilloscopes, analyzers and signal generators)
Communication Equipment (telegraph, telephone and radio systems, including mechanical types)
Calculators and Adding Machines (Electronic, electromechanical and mechanical types)
Digital Computers (industrial, scientific, business and educational systems)

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