Burroughs 4021L & 7977 Nixie Tubes  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-11-06  



Devices included in this entry:

Burroughs 7977 (socket pins)
Burroughs 4021L (flying leads, pictured in thumbnail)

This Nixie tube ranks as one of the smallest circular envelope displays ever made; the digits are a mere 8 mm high. This model of tube was made in both standard pin and flying lead variants; the flying lead model is shown. The 4021 can display the digits 0 through 9, with no decimal point. One of our samples is still mounted in its Lucite store display. It is hard to imagine a time when you could walk into a store and see an array of Nixie tubes on display like a row of blenders at Wal-Mart.

A related device is the Burroughs 7977 Nixie tube, which has an identical internal construction and envelope to the 4021, but is encased in a black silicone sleeve to reduce back-lighting of the displayed digit. The 7977 is designed to be used with a socket, and lacks the flying leads of the 4021L.


Burroughs 4021 Nixie Tube
Burroughs 4021L Nixie tube. The 4021L has long flying leads, and is designed to be soldered in place.

Burroughs 4021L Nixie Tube
Burroughs 4021L Nixie tube, normal operation.

Burroughs 7977 Nixie Tube
Burroughs 7977 Nixie tube, at rest.

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