Pressler 'Globe' Spectrum Tubes  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-06-03  


Devices included in this entry:

Argon spectrum tube (glass capillary vessel)
Krypton spectrum tube (glass capillary vessel, pictured in thumbnail)

Here is an example of a set of spectrum tubes with unusually shaped envelopes. These tubes have right angle electrodes like the "H" shaped tube above, but add the extra attachment of a globe shaped discharge chamber at one end of the capillary vessel. This construction style allows the tube to serve double duty as both a capillary emitter and a point spectral source.


Pressler Krypton Spectrum Tube
Pressler krypton filled 'globe' style spectrum tube.

Pressler Krypton Hollow Cathode Lamp
The path of electron flow must make a 180 degree turn as it exits the orifice in the center of the globe.

Pressler Argon Spectrum Tube
Argon filled version of this tube. Unfortunately, this sample has outgassed.

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