Crookes Eye Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2018-09-05  



Sometimes tube collectors come across something truly bizarre. This strange device is a Crookes tube which contains a large glass eye under a tangle of filament wire. Both the glass eye and the containing tube are filled with argon, a small internal pinhole connects the two chambers of the tube. When high voltage is passed between the two electrodes of the tube, the gas discharge causes UV sensitive glass in the iris of the glass eye to glow. This very strange tube is a modern creation, and was manufactured by the glassblower Dylan Kehde Roelofs sometime prior to 2016.

Suffice to say, collectors should not confuse a mutant organism such as this with the much more common Magic Eye tuning indicator tube. No radio known has ever used this thing as a tuning indicator, and if one did, it could likely only be used to communicate with Cenobites and other extradimensional beings.


Crookes Eye Gas Discharge Tube
A very unusual Crookes tube, containing a glass eye and a mystery fill gas.

Crookes Glass Eye Tube
The glass eye in this tube contains parts that fluoresce under UV light.

Crookes Dylan Kehde Roelofs Tube
The original purpose of this tube is unknown, but it is likely an experimental device.

Crookes  Eyeball Tube
Can this thing be used for witchcraft?

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