Cypress CYM1620 Static Ram  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2017-02-09  


The CYM620 is a 1 megabit static ram module built around several leadless ICs mounted to a ceramic carrier. Four of these chips are 256k static RAMs, with the fifth being a decoder IC. The RAM units are grouped into a high and low pair, with the decoder reading the highest position address bit to determine which pair should be active. The TTL level inputs and outputs as well as the substantial hermetic packaging and wide temperature ratings make this a fairly robust memory IC.

The example shown here is the -55C variant, which is rated for commercial use and has an access time of 55 nanoseconds.

Cypress Semiconductor CYM1620 Datasheet (PDF)


Cypress CYM1620 static ram, topside. The smaller IC in the center of the ceramic carrier is the line decoder.

Cypress CYM1620 IC, underside.

CYM1620 pinouts and block diagram.

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