NEO5000 Gas Discharge Display (Unknown Mfr.) Panaplex Nixie Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-08-15  


The NEO-5000 (also sometimes called the NEO5000), is a neon-filled seven segment display in a flat, 'Panaplex'-style glass planar envelope. This display is quite large; digit height is 50mm and the tube envelope is 84mm tall. The NEO-5000 uses fairly modern construction techniques; the envelope is made of a glass plate sandwich with fritted seals and epoxied leads. Lifespan is rated at about 35,000 hours, which, while much better than various 'short life' early nixie tubes, is shorter than many other gas discharge displays. Special care should be taken with this display's exposed top nipple, which is quite fragile and easily broken.


NEO5000 Gas Discharge Display (Unknown Mfr.)

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