IEE 340 Series Projection Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-07-26  


Devices included in this entry:

IEE 340-0000-B-A11 numeric display (numeric characters 0 through 9)
IEE 340-06-A729-1 symbol display (plus and minus symbols)

Not all projection displays are bulky; the 340 series display, made by IEE, is so small that it could be pocketed and lost amongst loose change. These devices are truly minuscule; the digit height is only 13mm and the projection face is 12mm wide and 20mm tall... not much larger than a standard plastic DIP-packaged LED display. The 340 is much deeper than a LED display however, the complex projection lens system of IEE's larger displays has been replicated within in miniature. IEE made several different variants of the 340 series displays with different depths, the 04-A985-1 shown here is one of the shallowest, making it likely the smallest projection display commercially released. This example displays some positively useless characters; Miles, FM, DEG, F/S, F/S/F and two underscore characters are among the choices available for the prospective builder. Fortunately the display's clamshell case is only secured by two threaded screws, which can be removed for easy replacement of the slide containing the projected characters. The 340-0000-B-A11 is a more typical numeric version of this display, with a slide containing the numbers 0 through 9. When originally released in 1965, IEE claimed the 340 series was the smallest projection display in the world.


IEE 340 Projection Display
IEE 340 series projection display, part number is 340-0000-B-A11.

IEE 340 In Line Readout
A symbol projection variant of this part, part number is 340-06-A729-1. This model displays plus and minus symbols, the rest of the slide positions are unused.

IEE 340 One Plane Readout
IEE 340 display, dismantled to show component parts. The 340 may be one of the smallest projection displays ever manufactured, but it retains much of the complexity of it's larger cousins.

IEE 10000-1819-B Projection Display Cutaway
IEE projection display, cutaway diagram. The display shown is an IEE 10000 Series In Line Readout.

IEE Projection Display Family
Various different models of IEE projection displays for scale comparision; from left to right: 340 series, 14928 series, 01100 series, 220H series, 00010 series, 10000 series. Note that IEE projection displays utilize composite part numbers and everything occurring after the first dash is encoded information about lamp voltage and character sets.

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