Monsanto MAN2185 & DL2185 LED Displays  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-07-01  


Devices included in this entry:

Litronix DL2185 LED display (23-pin composite DIP)
Monsanto MAN2185 LED display (23-pin composite DIP; pictured in thumbnail)

The MAN2185 display is a multidigit alphanumeric display manufactured by Monsanto. Like many other early displays that contain multiple digits, each digit of the 2185 is made of a single die of wafer material, as opposed to being assembled of individual dots or strips of LED material like the MAN-1. Despite appearances the MAN2185 does not actually have full 17 segment characters, both center segments are ganged together to reduce the amount of wiring needed for each die. Unlike many other displays of this type, 2185 is a manually controlled device, with no onboard character ROM or driver circuitry.

Litronix manufactured a second-source version of this part, the DL2185. The DL2185 is nearly identical to the MAN2185, but replaces the linear magnifier of the Monsanto display with discrete bubble magnifiers for each digit.


Litronix DL2815 alphanumeric LED display.

Monsanto MAN2815 alphanumeric LED display.

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