Monsanto MAN4 LED Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-04-27  



The somewhat unusual looking MAN4 LED display was Monsanto's attempt to add a low cost option to its line of first generation LED products. Instead of being contained in a custom epoxy package, the MAN-4 is encapsulated in a standard 14-pin plastic DIP, made from red resin for visibility. This results in a hilariously small display area relative to the size of the package - the LED digit within the MAN-4 is only 4mm high. Each segment of the display is made from a single elongated LED die, bonded to a common sheet metal leadframe. The MAN-4 was a rather unpopular product, and was used in relatively few devices.


Monsanto MAN4 Die
Monsanto MAN4 at 20x magnification.

Monsanto MAN4 LED
Monsanto MAN-4 LED display, normal operation.

Monsanto MAN4 Solid State Display
The MAN4 has a digit height of only 4mm.

Monsanto MAN-4 Display
The MAN-4 is shipped in standard Monsanto blister packaging.

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