RCA 931A Photomultiplier Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-11-06  



The RCA 931A is a side viewing, nine-stage photomultiplier tube, an improved version of the original 931. Tubes of this type do not produce an image; instead they are designed to measure and amplify very weak sources of light for use in astronomy and nuclear physics. This tube was manufactured with both a black and tan bases. The tan base is made of a special material that is more resistant to humidity, and as such is more desirable than the black base variant. Some modern versions of the 931A are also produced with a red base, but are electrically identical.


RCA 931A Photomultiplier Tube
RCA 931A photomultiplier tubes, at rest. The 931A is a 9 stage photomultiplier manufactured in several different variants.

RCA 931A 9 Stage Photomultiplier
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