IEE BA-0000-P31 NIMO Tube Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-02-22  



IEE's rare foray into the world of cathode ray tubes, the 'Nimo' display is a very special variant of the common cathode ray tube. A Nimo tube contains an array of 10 electron guns, each with a digit shaping mask, which are aimed at the center of a phosphor screen. Activating a particular gun will cause the given digit to appear on the surface of the screen. Number's displayed on a Nimo tube are crisp and much more visually appealing than other display tubes, but the phosphor coating on the face of the tube can easily become burned-in after prolonged use. Worse, Nimo tubes require a 1700 volt anode supply as well as a 1 volt power supply for the filament, which makes them much more difficult to work with than other display tubes. The 1700 volt supply connects to an anode stud that exits the side of the tube envelope, a special socket was supplied by IEE to make this difficult connection.


IEE Nimo Tube
IEE BA-0000-P31 NIMO tube under normal operation.

NIMO tubes such as this use a 12 pin base with an extra anode stud located on the side of the envelope.

IEE BA-0000-P31 Nimo Tube
Wow, this thing is weird.

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