Telefunken XM1000 Cathode Ray Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-02-21  


Telefunken's XM1000 cathode ray numeric indicator was the European competitor to the IEE's Nimo devices, which are covered above. The XM1000 is smaller than a standard single digit Nimo tube, but is contained within an oval envelope that allows for tighter side-by-side installation of multiple tubes. The XM1000 contains twelve electron guns that are projected through shaped masks to display numbers on a phosphor screen, which allows for the display of numbers as well as left and right decimal points. As with the IEE devices, the XM1000 requires an anode voltage of several thousand volts to function, this is delivered through a clip connection on the side of the envelope.


Telefunken XM1000

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