Raytheon CK718 & CK722 Transistors  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-02-06  


Released in 1953, the blue painted Raytheon CK722 PNP transistor is quite possibly the most famous and beloved transistor ever made. Initially made in a clear plastic painted package, the CK722 was part of a family of parts originally derived from the CK718 hearing aid transistor. Early transistor production was a slapdash affair at best, and many of the CK718's that Raytheon produced did not meet the advertised specifications. These low-bin parts were packaged under a different part number, CK722, and sold as low performance devices specifically for the hobby market. As a result, an entire generation of electronics enthusiasts cut their teeth on blue painted CK722 transistors. The CK722 became so iconic that Raytheon began to paint their other semiconductors in the same shade of blue to capitalize on the popularity of the device.


Raytheon CK718 and CK722 Transistor
Raytheon CK718 and CK722 transistors, at rest.

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