Telefunken RV12P2000 Pentode Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2010-02-05  


The 'Wehrmacht' RV12P2000 pentode was one of the most prolific tubes used by Nazi Germany during World War 2, and saw use in nearly every type of electronic device employed at the time. The tube's unusual six pin base was designed to be mated to a special wraparound socket that would completely encircle the tube; unlike most tubes the RV12P2000 was designed to be inserted into its socket with the anode cap facing downward. The tube has a small threaded bushing in the center of its base, when installed a pull handle would be attached here to make it easier to remove the tube from its socket.

The RV12P2000 was such a popular and reliable tube that it saw considerable use in Germany even after the war ended. The example shown here was most likely manufactured in 1947, based on the print style and shape of its anode cap.


Telefunken RV12P2000 Pentode Tube
Telefunken RV12P2000 pentode.

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