Soviet IV-22 Vacuum Fluorescent Display Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-10-26  


The IV-22 is a Soviet single digit end-view VFD display tube, one of only a handful of end-view VFD devices manufactured. The tube's oval envelope is suitable for horizontal and vertical stacking and is very similar to the common 8422 nixie tube in dimensions, in fact an IV-22 can be shoehorned into an 8422 socket in times of desperation. The tube's large 18mm display includes a control grid for multiplexing applications.

The IV-22 is a fairly common tube and a good choice for a project, both the tubes and sockets are readily available from eBay and myriad smaller online resellers.


Soviet IV-22 vacuum fluorescent display
Soviet IV-22 vacuum fluorescent display tube, normal operation.

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