Rodan DK24 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-07-11  


Another uncommon Japanese counting tube, the DK24 is Rodan's selector counterpart to the single-output DK23. The most striking feature of the DK24 is its unusual base, a 14 pin loctal style with a metal keying post and ring epoxied to the bottom of the tube. The DK24 has similar specs to the DK23; single pulse configuration with forty cathodes, a 20kHz counting speed, and a Penning style fill.


Rodan DK24 Dekatron Tube
Rodan DK24 dekatron selector tube.

Rodan DK24 Dekatron Tube
The DK24 uses an unusual 14 pin loctal socket seen almost exclusively on Rodan counting and display tubes.

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