RCA DTF104B Numitron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-06-03  


The RCA DTF104B is one of only a handful of end-view numitrons available, and is also one of the largest. This tube uses a large 'novar' style nine pin base, a fairly common socket when compared to some exotic display tubes. The tube does not have a decimal point, though vacant holes in the ceramic indicate that a decimal point may be present on some models.

It is noteworthy that even though the DTF104B is a fairly hard-to-find display, a single vendor on Ebay sold vast bulk quantities of the tubes over a ten year period, keeping the price low and filling the parts bins of innumerable home builders. For this reason, the DTF104 sees much more use in home projects than expected, given their paucity on the open market.


RCA DTF104B numitron tube.

The DTF104B is one of the largest numitron tubes available.

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