ETL GS10E Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-06-02  


The GS10E, despite its pedestrian appearance, is a quite rare tube; as it appears to be the last model of dekatron Ericsson manufactured before switching over to compact envelope counting tubes. In outward appearance this tube looks like a standard ETL bidirectional selector with no shade ring, there is no obvious enhancement to explain the existence of this part within ETL's vast array of dekatron products. This tube appears to use some sort of Penning mixture, the exact gas mix is unknown, but the tube illuminates with a pale orange hue that is noticeably different from the earlier neon filled ETL tubes like the GC10B. The tube's 10Khz counting speed is slower than the hydrogen-rich ETL high speed tubes, but faster than neon filled tubes like the GS10C. The near total lack of GS10E's in the tube collector marketplace suggests that very few units were actually manufactured.


ETL GS10E Dekatron Tube
ETL GS10E glow transfer selector.

Ericsson GS10E Dekatron Tube
Carton for GS10E dekatron tube.

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