Wamco KW-105AL Alphanumeric Minitron Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-02-27  


Wamco made minitron-type displays in a wide variety of styles. These tiny KW-105AL filament displays are 16 segment devices, and can display a full alphanumeric character set. Though they are wider than the KW-105S pictured above, digit height is the same at only 8mm. The KW-105AL has a very unusual base, which consists of 17 tiny tubular sockets arranged in a "C" shape. The special socket designed to work with this display has pins which mate with the tubular sockets on the base of the display.


Wamco KW-105AL minitron
Wamco KW-105AL alphanumeric minitron, normal operation.

Alphanumeric minitron sockets
A selection of Wamco and Pinlite-manufactured sockets for this display. Note the different pin and hole arrangements.

Minitron display family
Various different minitron displays for size comparison. Clockwise from right; IEE FFD21, 3015F (silver plate version), 3015F (black plate version), Wamco KW-104EW, Wamco KW-104NS, Wamco KW-104S, Wamco KW-105, Wamco KW-105AL.

Alphanumeric KW-105AL minitron tray
KW-105AL minitrons were bulk packed in fitted styrofoam trays for commercial sale.

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