Texas Instruments TIA8447 LED Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2009-02-22  


The TIA8447 is a nearly modern incarnation of Texas Instruments' backbone TIL302 seven segment display. The TIA8447 features a ruggedized package with a hermetically sealed glass-and-ceramic carrier and gold leads. The unit is a 'dumb' display; it contains no driver circuitry and all such functions must be supplied with external logic. The TIA8447 has identical pinouts to the TIL302, making it a drop-in replacement.


Texas Instruments TIA8447 LED display
Texas Instruments TIA8447 LED display, normal operation.

The TIA8447 has the same pinouts as the Monsanto MAN1 and TIL302 and can be used interchangeably with these parts.

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