Mullard Z504S & Z505S Dekatron Tubes  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-10-18  


Devices included inMullard Z504S Series this entry:

Mullard Z504S selector (13-pin compact base; pictured in thumbnail)
Mullard Z505S selector (13-pin compact base)

The Z504S and Z505S are European 13 pin double pulse selectors in stubby compactron style envelopes. The Z505S is significantly smaller in dimensions than its American made counterparts like the 8035, but can only count at 50kHz compared to the 100kHz counting speed of the 8035. The example we have has unfortunately lost its fill gas, but in operation the tube would have glowed orange, suggesting some sort of mixed gas Penning mixture.

The Z504S is the standard 4kHz counterpart to the Z505S and is identical in envelope and internal construction other than its more stable neon fill gas

Z504S Datasheet (PDF)
Z505S Datasheet (PDF)


Mullard Z504S Dekatron Tube
Mullard Z504S compact 4kHz selector dekatron.

Mullard Z505S Dekatron Tube
Mullard Z505S compact 50kHz selector dekatron. Unfortunately, the sample tube shown here has lost its fill gas.

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