Bomac JAN-CBNQ-724B TR Cell Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-09-22  


The 724B is a TR cell, a device used to protect the receiver portion of a microwave transceiver which shares the same antenna for both transmit and receive functions. A TR cell functions like a triggered gap tube, and blocks the receiver hardware by shorting the receiver input during transmitter operation. Transmitter pulses cause the spark gap to break down, shorting the receiver input. The 724B is filled with water vapor, which produces a blue glow when ionized by a high voltage field.

The 724B was used in several WWII-era 10GHz mobile radar systems, including the AN/APS-1, ASD (AN/APS-3) ASH (AN/APS-4) and AN/MPG-1.


Bomac 724B TR Cell Tube
Bomac 724B TR cell, shown under influence of a high voltage field. The tube is filled with low pressure water vapor, which glows blue when subjected to a high voltage discharge.

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