Tung-Sol DT-1704C 'Digivac' VFD Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-15  


The DT-1704C, produced by Tung-Sol, is one of the earliest and most primitive VFDs known. The tube consist of a series of phosphor targets mounted on a mica frame and packaged in a narrow 9 pin envelope. Like other early VFD tubes, this device predates the inclusion of a control grid and therefore can not be multiplexed. The DT-1704C seems to be very failure prone; bent heater filaments and uneven or partially unlit segments are common. The pinouts of this tube are identical to the General Electric Y-1938 display shown here.


 DT-1704C VFD tube
Tung-Sol DT-1704C Digivac VFD display tube, normal operation.

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