IEE Aurora FFD21 & FFD51 Aurora Minitron Displays  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-15  


Devices included in this entry:

IEE FFD21 (standard variant; pictured in thumbnail)
IEE FFD51 (high brightness variant)

The FFD21, a 'minitron'-style display made by IEE, comes in a 15 pin package, which contains a single seven segment display and a separate filament to represent the decimal point. This display has a much larger display area than the 3015F: with a digit height is 17mm and a package length of 28mm, it is one of the largest 'minitron'-style filament displays ever made commercially available. The small pin in the bottom center of the display is a hollow metal tube that would have been used during construction to pump the air out of the enclosure. The FFD21 is rated for 100,000 hours of service at 5VDC and normal drive currents, twice as long as the more common 3015F minitron display.

IEE also made a high brightness version of the FFD21; the FFD51. The FFD51 is more than twice as bright on a per segment basis, and outputs 13,000 fL compared to the FFD21's 4,500fL. The display's lifespan is significantly reduced as a result however; the FFD51 is only rated to operate for 40,000 hours.

IEE Aurora Family Devices Datasheet (PDF, 95kb)


IEE Aurora FFD21 'minitron'-style DIP package filament display.

The FFD21 is one of the largest minitrons ever sold, with a digit height that is almost twice the size of the de-facto 3015F display.

FFD51, left, and FFD21, right, shown with identical drive voltage. Note the increased brightness of the FFD51 filament.

Various different minitron displays for size comparison. Clockwise from right; IEE FFD21, 3015F (silver plate version), 3015F (black plate version), Wamco KW-104EW, Wamco KW-104NS, Wamco KW-104S, Wamco KW-105, Wamco KW-105AL.

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