IEE Apollo DA2010 Series Numitron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-15  



Devices included in this entry:

RCA DR2000 seven segment display (9 pin envelope)
IEE DA2010 seven segment display with decimal (9 pin envelope; pictured in thumbnail)
IEE DA2020 overflow indicator display (9 pin envelope)

Tubes like the DA2010 shown in the thumbnail are the definitive examples of filament tube construction. The tube uses a seven segment digit with a set of crossed filaments to represent a decimal point and possesses a standard nine pin miniature tube base. Note the flat envelope top, a feature distinctive to many IEE filament display tubes. This tube was manufactured in a myriad different types by many companies, some with different style envelopes or different characters and decimal point configurations.

IEE Numitrons Datasheet (PDF, covers numerous devices, including the DA2010 and DA2020)


RCA DA2010 tube
IEE Apollo DA2010 filament display numitron tube.

RCA DA2020 tube
IEE Apollo DA2020 overflow indicator numitron tube.

RCA DR2000 tube
RCA DA2000 numitron tube. Note the rounded top envelope.

RCA DA2010 display
Family photo of several different part numbers in this series.

RCA DR2000 display
A typical example of a four digit clock display using DR2000 incandescent tubes as the displays.

RCA DA2000 display kit
RCA produced an in-house display kit for it's nine pin numitron tubes. This kit was sold in many electronics stores and included a KD2127 driver IC to control the tube.

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