Sylvania 6910 Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2006-10-11  


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Sylvania 6910 selector (duodecal base; pictured in thumbnail)
Raytheon CK6910 selector (duodecal base)

The Sylvania 6910 is a high speed dekatron selector with a Penning fill gas and a 'duodecal' B12E base. In operation, this unusual gas mix produces a sickly yellow glow discharge that is difficult to capture with current camera technology. The 6910 has a maximum counting speed of 100kHz, but the tube's Penning fill is extremely prone to outgassing, and the tube itself has an astoundingly high failure rate. Due to this, the 6910 should be avoided for use in new projects and is likely only of interest to completionist collectors.

As with the 6802 and 6909, Raytheon made a second-source version of this tube that was prefixed by a CK identifier in its part number.

Sylvania Decade Counter Tubes (PDF)


Sylvania 6910 Dekatron Tube
Sylvania 6910 'dekatron' glow transfer counting tube.

Raytheon CK6910 Dekatron Tube
Raytheon CK6910, a second-source variant of the 6910.

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