ETL GS12C Dekatron Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-02-21  


The GS12C is a strange card in the Ericsson dekatron family: a base-12 selector with a maintenance base. This unusual base allows for connection of wire leads directly to the base of the tube, without any need for a socket. The duodecal sockets used on other ETL selector dekatrons will not work in their standard form on a tube like the GS12C, as a base-12 selector would require 14 pins to connect all of its cathodes.


ETL GS12C Dekatron Tube
ETL GS12C, a rare base-12 selector with a maintenance-type base.

Ericsson GS12C Dekatron Base
GS12C, underside view.

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