STC CV359 Indicator Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-02-16  


The CV359 is a bargraph indicator tube, designed for use as a power indicator in microwave applications. The CV359 consists of a glass bulb and a long, thin neck which is filled with neon and encased in a protective metal shield. In operation, the tube's neck is inserted through the side of a waveguide in such a manner as to allow the microwave beam to strike the small bit of exposed glass on the end. This excites the neon gas inside the tube and causes it to glow. A small slot in the tube's metal shield allows the operator to view the length of the glow discharge.


STC CV359 Tube
STC CV359 microwave bargraph indicator tube.

Detail of neon-filled probe being ionized by a portable ion source.

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