Signaltron ST-15 Split Flap Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-10-18  


Another fringe display technology, split flap displays make projection displays seem almost practical. Split flap displays use a synchronous motor and gearbox to rotate a spindle of spring loaded flaps to display numbers. The numeral flaps are split down the middle and held open by small metal fingers, hence the name "split flap display". A rotary switch attached to the spindle of the motor controls power. When power is applied to the pin for the desired number, the motor will rotate the spindle until the desired number is displayed, at which point the rotary switch will open and shut down the motor. The result is a slow, noisy display that fills a room with the sound of flaps slapping together every time it changes, and has the added feature of needing to be oiled regularly.

Although this is obviously not an incandescent display, this is the best location for such a device until we get around to adding a 'Clacking Split Flap Display' section.


Signaltron ST-15 Split Flap Display

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