Sylvania 0A5 Trigger Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-10-06  


The 0A5 is a gas filled trigger tube designed as a high speed replacement for clunky mechanical relays. The 0A5 is a descendant of "Strobotron" neon filled flash tubes like the 1D21, but has an anode structure specifically designed for fast switching. In fact, one of the recommended uses of the 0A5 is as a trigger for gas filled flash tubes like the Strobotron. Sylvania departed from their normal print manufacturing techniques for this tube and put a lacquer coating over the logo and part number, similar to the coating used on some Russian tubes, to protect it from damage.


Sylvania 0A5 Trigger Tube
Sylvania 0A5 trigger tube, shown being triggered.

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