Burroughs HB-106 Nixie Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-09-05  


The HB-106, as indicated by its Haydu part number, is an early model of Burroughs top view nixie tube. Burroughs parts which were manufactured at the Haydu plant begin with the "HB" prefix; Burroughs only made use of the Haydu brand name for a short amount of time, and later part numbers were prefixed with a "B" instead. This tube has a silicone surround that is integral to the part and was designed to increase readability in high brightness conditions. The part number is printed on a plastic wrapper affixed to the surround. Unfortunately, as this example shows, the plastic wrapper is just as prone to disintegration as the water soluble paint used on most other models of tubes.


Burroughs HB-106

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