Beckman SP-450 Panaplex Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-07-04  


This late model panaplex display shows many of the manufacturing changes that Beckman and others made to their designs as panaplex manufacturing techniques matured. Instead of using the black glass "bathtub" style envelope seen on earlier displays, the SP-450 uses a glass sandwich which is almost identical to the package seen on early LCD displays. All of the leads exit along the edge of the envelope instead of out of the back, and no provision is provided to socket the display for easy replacement. The display itself is 6 digit 7 segment with decimal points. There are also twelve triangular indicators on the sides of the display, normally the small triangle shaped cathodes inside of such a display are intended to be used as "keepalive" electrodes for faster striking, but the location of these cathodes in the package suggests that they may be intended for actual information display.


Beckman SP-450 Panaplex Display

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