Burroughs DC106A Nixie Tube Decade Counter  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-05-28  


The DC106A is an all-tube decade counter module manufactured by Burroughs. The core of the device is a BD-301 magnetic beam switching tube, which uses a hollow cylindrical magnet to guide an electron beam around a ring of target electrodes in a controlled sequence. The magnetic beam switching tube directly drives a B-5092 nixie tube, which displays the current value by ionizing number-shaped cathodes. The interface and control hardware consists of a 5963 and a 6189 (both computer-rated dual triodes), several neon bulbs, and a large matrix of resistors and capacitors. The entire module appears bulky to the point of being ridiculous; nonetheless it was a significant improvement, both in speed and readability, compared the 'dekatron' style glow transfer counters it was designed to replace.


Burroughs DC106A Nixie Tube Decade Counter
Burroughs DC106A Nixie tube decade counter, normal operation.

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