General Electric Tungar Bulb (Unknown P/N)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-05-28  


A Tungar bulb is a simple type of rectifier tube used to generate DC current in car battery chargers and other similar devices. The tube has a lightbulb-style base which connects to a directly heated cathode; the carbon pellet anode connection protrudes from a clay bead at the top of the tube. The tube envelope is filled with a mixture of low pressure argon gas, which results in a purple discharge when the tube is in operation. The heavy silvering and side nipple make the tube rather attractive, despite its primitive construction. The part number for this device is unknown, but it was manufactured by General Electric.

Incidentally, trade name "Tungar Bulb" is a portmanteau of the words tungsten and argon, the two primary elements used in the bulb's construction.


General Electric Tungar Bulb Rectifier Tube
General Electric Tungar bulb, lying in wait for un-rectified voltage.

General Electric Tungar Bulb
General Electric technical literature suggests a suit is necessary attire if you want a Tungar bulb to fear and respect you.

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