Sperry SP-332 & SP-333 Series Panaplex Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2007-03-24  


Devices included in this entry:

Beckman SP-332 panaplex (2-digit bathtub, pictured in thumbnail)
Sperry SP-333 panaplex (3-digit bathtub)

The SP-332 family of devices are tiny, seven segment neon Panaplex displays, built to a digit height of only 7 mm. The SP-332 has an identical internal layout to the larger and more common SP-352, though takes up only half the volume. Sperry also manufactured a three digit display in this form factor, the SP-333, which is a miniature version of the larger SP-353. This was a prolifically produced family of parts, with identical versions of each part number being produced by Sperry, Beckman, and Babcock.


Beckman SP-332 panaplex style display.

Sperry SP-333 panaplex style display.

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