Eldorado Mathmagic B Calculator  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-11-11  



This colorful calculator was produced by Eldorado Electrodata, one of the many companies that jumped into the market during the calculator gold rush of the 1970s. The Mathmagic B is attractively packaged in a striking blue-green enclosure, and also attractive for its 8 digit neon Panaplex display. The processor for the Mathmagic is a single chip CZ550, made by General Instruments, a chip best known for it's use in a number of British Sinclair kit calculators. The display is driven by discrete transistor drive circuits, and the CZ550 IC is socketed for easy replacement, a welcome feature. The Mathmagic B also includes an internal battery, which should be removed as quickly as possible by the modern collector, lest its corrosive internal juices leak and destroy the rest of the calculator. The Mathmagic B appears to be a fairly uncommon device... Eldorado Electrodata filed for bankruptcy in 1972 and was fully liquidated by 1976, allegedly a result of the company financially starving their existing test equipment businesses to try to break into the calculator market. The Mathmagic B is believed to have been released sometime between 1972 and 1974.


Eldorado Mathmagic B Calculator
Eldorado Electrodata Mathmagic B calculator, a colorful device from the early 1970s.

Eldorado Mathmagic B CZ550 Calculator
The heart of the Mathmagic B is a General Instrument CZ550 single chip calculator IC.

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