Sterling Pocket Voltmeter  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-07-06  



This later-era pocketwatch style meter, almost surely produced by Sterling Manufacturing, shows the changes companies were taking to reduce the cost of these style of devices. Gone are the re-purposed pocketwatch cases, pierced dials, and other such embellishments of pre-1920s meters. The Sterling Pocket Meter is packaged in a cheap stamped metal case, and the meter movement is made from magnet wire wrapped around a folded piece of bristol board. The top lead attaches to the meter with a knurled thumbscrew... an improvement at least over some earlier pocketwatch meters that had their leads permanently attached. Though the meter has no manufacturer's marks, we strongly suspect this device to have been manufactured by Sterling based on the style of case and bottom contact.


Sterling Pocket Voltmeter
Sterling pocket voltmeter.

Sterling Pocketwatch Meter
Sterling pocket voltmeter, internal construction. Portions of the internals are made from bristol board, a poor sign indeed. Perhaps the manufacturer did not put their name on this meter out of shame?

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