Stanley 2 Die LEDs (AC Interface Inc RU63015)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-02-03  



These largely undocumented LEDs are believed to have been produced by Stanley Electric sometime in the 1970s. The most noteworthy feature of these LEDs is the fact that they contain two LED dies, sealed within a single white plastic cavity with a curved epoxy cap. These LED dies are wired in series and one die has been mounted upside down so the correct polarity can be maintained with only a single bond wire connection. A colored dot on the side of each LED package indicates the color of light emitted. It is likely these LED's were intended to be solid state replacements for higher voltage incandescent panel lights, based on their shape and multiple die construction. Packing multiple dies into a single cavity was to become a common practice in the 1980's LED panel light market, but was still a rare practice in the 1970's, and these were probably some of the earliest multiple die LED's to arrive on the scene.

Though we do not know the exact part number for these LED's, they appear cosmetically similar to the AC Interface Inc RU63015, another poorly documented part from the 1970s.


Stanley 2 Die LEDs
Stanley 2 Die LEDs, normal operation.

Stanley 2 Die AC LED
The dies in these Stanley LEDs are wired in series, with one die flipped upside down to maintain continuity.

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