General Instrument P6828 Integrated Circuit (P6828B)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-01-07  


The General Instrument P6828B is an entirely undocumented integrated circuit. No descriptions or information appear to exist on datasheet or partminer sites, and the examples we found did not include any supporting documentation. The device itself is encased in a rectangular gold bathtub package with a white glass base and gold leads. The underside gold leads are arranged in a pin grid pattern and have a square cross-section, most likely to facilitate wire wrap installation. Unfortunately, not much else can be determined from an external examination, and this device is uncommon enough that cutting the lid off of one for a look at the internals seems like borderline heresy.

If you can identify this device, please contact us.


General Instrument P6828 Integrated Circuit
General Instrument P6828 integrated circuit.

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