Raytheon CRP 705A Rectifier Tube (VT255)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2021-12-30  


The 705A is a large half wave rectifier that was produced by a number of different companies. Also known as the VT255, the tube is rated for a maximum of 35KV at 100ma, and is intended for use in early radar systems. The tube's base is a ceramic wafer with four large pins that appears to be press-fitted to smaller leads that penetrate the bottom of the tube. The example shown here was manufactured by Raytheon, but the 705A was also produced by Western Electric and Tung Sol. It is believed that the 705A was released sometime around 1943.


Raytheon CRP 705A rectifier tube
Raytheon CRP 705A, a large half wave rectifier tube.

Raytheon CRP 705A rectifier tube datasheet
705A datasheet.

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