Motorola 2N174 Transistor  
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The 2N174 is an early PNP germanium power transistor. Manufactured by a number of companies including Motorola, Delco, and Tung-Sol, the 2N174 is encased in a large TO-36 'doorknob' package with gold coating and a threaded heatsink stud. The primitive alloy junction transistor die used in this device will cease to function if exposed to air; for this reason the 2N174 includes an evacuation nipple on its underside for removal of air from the transistor package. The earliest 2N174's were produced by Delco in 1956 for use in automobile radios. These early Delco devices were packaged in tall TO-36 metal enclosures with a paper label on top to denote the JEDEC device part number. Tung-Sol and Motorola soon became second source suppliers for the 2N174, with each manufacturer using their own distinctive package style for the part. Tung-Sol 2N174's are painted with an easily recognized light blue coating, while Motorola opted for the gold and black package shown here. The 2N174 is rated for a maximum of 15 amps at its maximum output voltage of 80 volts DC.


Motorola 2N174 Transistor
Motorola 2N174 power transistor. This part was originally designed by Delco for use in automobile car radios.

Tung-Sol 2N174 Transistor
Tung-Sol manufactured a version of the 2N174 coated with their trademark light-blue paint.

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