Hamamatsu R444 Photomultiplier Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2021-12-05  



The Hamamatsu R444 is a side-view nine stage photomultipler, packaged in a compact tubular envelope. This diminutive tube could be one of the smallest circular cage photomultipliers ever made, the R444's envelope is only 12mm in diameter. The tube's circular cage is packaged between two ceramic disks with connections exiting on both sides to mate with the base and anode cap. The R444's tiny 11 pin button base also includes a central evacuation nipple. Sockets for this tube can be difficult to find.


Hamamatsu R444 Photomultiplier Tube
Hamamatsu R444 photomultiplier tube.

Hamamatsu R444 Photomultiplier Tube
The Hamamatsu R444 is likely one of the smallest circular cage photomultiplier tubes ever made.

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