IEE Series 60 Projection Display (00060-25-XXXX-44)  
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Sometimes, you need a projection display that has all the right angles. The IEE Series 60, produced by Industrial Electronic Engineers, is an obscure numeric projection display designed for use in narrow wall-mounted enclosures. A projection display functions like a miniature slide projector, only the "slides" are numbers, each with its own separate lamp for electrical control. The Series 60 contains the same lens array, lamp matrix, and number slides as IEE's Series 10 displays, but incorporates a glass mirror that allows the projection system to be mounted perpendicular to the display face. Applying power to one of this display's twelve bulbs will cause a number to be projected onto the mirror and displayed on a frosted screen mounted on one side of the device. Projection displays are complicated and bulky devices, and the example shown here has had it's cover removed so the intricate internal construction can be seen.

Projection displays enjoyed a modest popularity in the pre-LED era of the 1960s, and were sometimes marketed as "In Line Readouts" or "One Plane Readouts", based on their lack of Nixie tube-style stacked digits. IEE projection displays were available with a number of different character sets, and the home experimenter can make their own custom slides using transparency film.


IEE Series 60 Projection Display
IEE IEE Series 60 Projection Display, normal operation.

IEE 00060-25-XXXX-44 One Plane Readout
IEE referred to projection displays as "In-Line" displays because the digits were displayed on a single plane instead of stacked as in a Nixie tube.

IEE Right Angle Projection Display Datasheet
IEE also sold mounting kits for the Series 60 that allowed multiple one plane readouts to be combined into a single multidigit display.

IEE Right Angle Projection Display
Some displays have all the right angles.

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