Raytheon HE0909 Integrated Circuit (HE0909-0-F-002)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2022-01-27  



The HE0909-0-F-002 is a completely undocumented part in an uncommon package. Even the manufacturer of this device is in question, the ceramic package has markings indicating this chip was produced by Teledyne, but electronics lore suggests this device was manufactured by Raytheon. What can be said is that this chip was likely intended for aerospace applications, based on it's unusual construction style. The HE0909 is encased in a flat ceramic carrier with top-mounted leads and a diamond shaped cavity lid. Typically a chip with this type would be installed in a square cutout in the target PCB, allowing the top-mounted leads to lay flat on the pads of the PCB. The black plastic frame is not part of the device; it is a protective carrier designed to support the fragile pins during transport, and would have been discarded when the chip was installed in its final destination.


FSCM HE0909 Integrated Circuit
FSCM HE0909-0-F-002 integrated circuit, at rest. This chip was likely produced by Raytheon.

FSCM HE0909 Computer Chip
The FSCM HE0909 is mounted in a protective plastic carrier for transport.

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