Early Litronix Alphanumeric LED Display (Unknown P/N.)  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2023-10-04  



This unidentified early LED is obviously manufactured by Litronix, given its appearance and logo, but otherwise we do not have much information on this part. The display has an early, primitive style of construction with a single bare die wire bonded under a large magnification lens. The alphanumeric digit illuminates with near continuous segments; unlike some other LEDs of this era, the display segments are not broken down into separate dots. The display also has a decimal point, strangely located inside two of the segment pairs instead of beside the digit. The LED die is housed in a long 20 pin DIP PCB carrier with cylindrical leads, a ponderously bulky package for such a small digit size. The height of the package effectively limits this LED to use in single-line displays; the large gap between rows on multiple line displays would border on the ludicrous. It is unlikely this device saw use in many products.


Early Litronix Alphanumeric LED Display
Early Litronix alphanumeric LED display.

Litronix DL10 Alphanumeric LED Display
This unidentified Litronix display is equipped with a large built-in magnifier.

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