General Electric 2N107 Transistor  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2022-07-16  


Bolstered by the success of Raytheon's popular CK722, General Electric decided to sell their own hobbyist-grade transistor, the 2N107. First released in 1955, the 2N107 was initially produced by re-labeling rejected 2N43 transistors and selling them at a steep 80% discount. Despite this humble origin, the 2N107 still provided good performance for homebrew electronics, and the transistor enjoyed wide popularity and a long product lifetime. 2N107's were still being produced well into 1970's, with later versions being manufactured to spec and housed in standard TO-5 metal can enclosures. Early 2N107's are encased in hermetically sealed 'top hat' enclosures, which provided improved reliability when compared to the resin-encased CK722 transistors they were designed to compete with.


General Electric 2N107 Transistor
General Electric 2N107 transistor, sealed for freshness.

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