BC-603 Tank Radio  
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The BC-603 is a World War 2 era American radio receiver best known for its use as the primary radio receiver in the M4 Sherman tank. A typical Sherman of the era would have been equipped with one or two BC-603 receivers as well as a BC-604 transmitter, all of which would have been mounted in the tank's turret. Almost half of the BC-603's internal volume is taken up by a large programmable tuner that controls the receive frequency of the device. This tuner, which consists of a complex stack of gears and toothed levers, allows up to 10 frequencies to be programmed into the radio for quick selection. A programmed frequency can be selected from the grid of chrome-plated buttons on the left side of the device. The BC-603 can also be tuned manually using the small wheel located below the program selection buttons. The BC-603 would have originally been powered by a 12 or 24 volt motor-generator pair, but the example shown here has been converted to 120 volt operation. The dynamotor, which would have been mounted in a compartment on the rear of the radio, has been removed as part of the conversion process. Though the BC-603 was typically used with headphones, the radio also has a front-mounted speaker, which is covered by a rotating grille that can be closed to reduce the speaker's volume.


BC-603 Tank Radio
BC-603 Sherman tank radio, at rest.

BC-603 Tuner for Tank Radio
The BC-603 contains a complex programmable tuner system, which can be controlled through a row of buttons on the front panel.

BC-603 Sherman Tank Radio
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