Eaton 925H-C Incandescent Display  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2020-12-10  



An unusual item indeed, this Eaton 925H-C fiber optic display packs two digits into a complex and compact package. Intended for the cash-gilded military market, the 925H-C is a display built to almost comical excess. Each module contains a metal block which is fitted with 14 tiny straight-pin incandescent bulbs. The center contact of each bulb pierces a plastic bracket on the back of the device and acts as one of the display's pins; the entire device can be mated to a special socket for easy replacement. A rubber gasket is fitted around the base of each straight-pin bulb to hold it in place, and all contact surfaces have been gold plated. The numbers displayed by these modules are truly tiny, each digit is 7mm high and the entire module face is 9x16mm in size. Due to the 925H-C's small size, the home experimenter looking to replace the lamps in this device with LEDs would likely have to resort to using surface mount parts mounted to a custom PCB. Fortunately this display is held together with screws, and can be easily disassembled for modification.

Unlike some other incandescent displays, the 925H-C has individually replaceable bulbs. No soldering iron is required to replace a burned out lamp, though finding replacements for the unusual bulbs used in this device is likely to be challenging.


Eaton 925H-C Incandescent Display
Eaton 925H-C two digit incandescent fiber optic display, shown mated to its matching socket.

Eaton 925H-C Fiber Optic Display
The 925H-C's fourteen straight-pin lamps are all individually replaceable.

Eaton 925H-C Incandescent Readout
Like most incandescent displays, the home builder can easily modify this device to use colored LEDs.

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