Western Electric 395A Trigger Tube  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2020-08-27  



The Western Electric 395A is a small tubular trigger tube designed for use in extreme environments. When properly mounted, this tube can withstand forces in excess of 1000Gs. The tube's three flying leads are intended to be soldered permanently into it's destination circuit. The conical structure at the top of the tube is the cathode; a mica washer keeps the cathode fixed in the center of the tube. The 395A is filled with neon, which lights brightly when the tube is in use. A small amount of radioactive krypton-85 has been added to the neon mix to allow the tube to trigger correctly in darkened enclosures.


Western Electric 395A Trigger Tube
Western Electric 395A trigger tube.

Western Electric 395 Thyratron Tube
The 395A is filled with neon which has been doped with a small amount of radioactive krypton-85.

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